When I was a young boy, during a much simpler time before the digital information age, I loved reading tales about the days of yore. Mystical kingdoms inhabited by noble kings, fair queens, and gallant lords and knights in armor captured my imagination. Their heraldic coats of arms – bold symbols of family importance, legacy, and pride, handed down from one generation to the next – fascinated me. I was in awe of these kings and knights, and the noble families from which they descended.

The limit of my knowledge regarding my own family’s ancestry stopped at the doorstep of my grandparents. Beyond that, there was a vast emptiness. I daydreamed about how incredible it would be to come from a family of history and legend that could trace its lineage back to ancient nobility. Never did I dare to imagine that one day, as I approached my sixth decade, these dreams would become a reality. Even now, it’s difficult to describe the feelings that accompanied the remarkable discovery that I do indeed belong to such a family – one that descends from a lineage every bit as ancient and noble as any I had ever dreamed of. Read More..